Tsurumi Increases Flow Capacity of HS Series Pumps

Tsurumi has unveiled the highest-flow versions of its best-selling HS Series pumps: the HS3.75SL (manual) and HSZ3.75SL (automatic). Designed to handle high volume drainage at low head, these new, submersible models pump roughly twice as much water as the high head model HS3.75S. This means customers will be able to save time and money in dewatering applications.

“Our new HS3.75SL and HSZ3.75SL models are ideal for applications where customers need to dewater faster so they can get onto the job site quicker, such as construction and utility jobs, and in disaster remediation, when time is crucial,” said Glenn Wieczorek, managing director of Tsurumi America. “These trash pumps handle debris, sand and solids that come in flooding water with minimum wear and clogging, which makes them a great support in such events.”

The new pumps offer a maximum flow rate of 140 GPM and maximum total dynamic head of 40 ft, with a motor input of just 0.75 kW. Compact and lightweight, they are easy to transport and operator friendly. Low maintenance is another strength, as the pumps’ wear parts are built from highly durable materials. The shaft incorporates Tsurumi’s original agitator to prevent air lock, as occasionally seen in vortex pumps and semi-vortex pumps, and to stir the solids with water so it can pump efficiently.

The difference between the two models is that the HSZ3.75SL contains a simple float switch-equipped automatic sensor to prevent dry-running operation and to reduce power consumption. It automatically stops running when not needed, which makes it appropriate for night-time operations and construction works in dense residential areas.

“At Tsurumi we are always looking for ways to offer the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs. The HS3.75SL and HSZ3.75SL pumps were designed with that in mind,” Wieczorek said. “And, of course, they have Tsurumi’s high standards of quality and reliability. You can’t find anything similar in terms of performance and design out in the marketplace.”

Built compactly into these pumps are Tsurumi’s original technologies, such as an anti-wicking cable, dual internal mechanical seals with silicon carbide face and an Oil Lifter, developed through years of research and applications in the field.

Information about Tsurumi’s newest pumps can be found here: HS3.75SL and HSZ3.75SL.

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