UCA Young Member Webinar: Design of Final Liner for Underground Structures

The UCA of SME Young Members group is hosting a webinar on “Design of Final Liner for Underground Structures” on Feb. 21 at 10 a.m. Mountain time. Dr. Verya Nasri will cover main aspects of design and construction of final liners for tunnel and underground structures. It discusses the geometry design of different types of underground structures, and permanent and temporary nature of support of excavation elements. Various loadings in soil and rock are explained and relevant analytical, empirical and two and three dimensional continuum and discontinuum numerical analysis methods are presented with some recent examples. Waterproofing, draining concept, and durability of the liner are described. Practical construction aspects and some basic architectural considerations are also presented. The registration fee is $10.

Dr. Nasri has more than 30 years of proven geotechnical, structural, and tunnel engineering experience, including extensive geotechnical and structural analysis, as well as design and construction support for major tunneling projects in the New York City metropolitan area and throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. His background includes the analysis and design of excavation sequence and temporary and permanent support systems under groundwater influence beneath urban areas. He is experienced in the analysis and design of cut-and-cover, NATM and TBM-driven tunnels under different ground conditions of soil and rock, with shallow to deep overburden. He is currently Vice President and Global Tunnel Lead for AECOM. He obtained his PhD in geotechnical and structural engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris in France. He has published more than 130 journal and conference papers mainly on the design and construction of tunnels and underground structures.

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