Worldsensing Announces Event Detection Solution for Ground Movement Monitoring

Worldsensing has pre-launched an Event Detection Solution at GeoBusiness 2021 in London based on the recently launched Tilt90 wireless tiltmeter range. The tiltmeters are designed to take periodic readings which increase automatically when a threshold is reached, which then also triggers a notification message.

This new solution is an enhancement in the monitoring of the integrity of tailings dams, slopes, embankments and other landslide-prone areas. It can also be used in any motion monitoring application.

It allows engineers to set a critical threshold beyond which readings will be taken more frequently, allowing asset owners to monitor movements more closely and, if necessary, take remedial action before a failure occurs.

Previously, monitoring experts and engineers would have to adjust sampling rates manually once a threshold had been reached. This could involve delays and possible risks if personnel in the field were exposed to a rapidly evolving failure.

Now, a change in inclination beyond a particular threshold will result in a notification from the system and an automatic increase in sampling rates, allowing engineers to assess the situation remotely and make decisions based on near real-time data.

The monitoring data from Worldsensing’s Tilt90-XE and Tilt90-IE wireless tiltmeters is sent to the Worldsensing Connectivity Management Tool (CMT), hosted in the cloud or installed on customer premises.

From there, the data can be easily integrated into third-party early warning systems using MQTT, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport protocol. The event detection solution only starts collecting more frequent readings beyond a given threshold. Once tilt measurements return to normal, the sampling rate also reverts to normal.

“With event detection, we have sought to add further value to our tried-and-tested Tilt90 product range,” said Andrew Frost, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Worldsensing.

“This solution has been fine tuned in our proof-of-concept deployments in Latin America to make sure it meets the exacting requirements of real customer environments.”

Market-leading reputation

The Event Detection Solution builds on Worldsensing’s market-leading reputation for product quality. In 2020, 97% of Worldsensing customers said they were satisfied with the company’s overall product quality, and 100% said they would buy again from the company.

As well as the Tilt90 device range itself and the company’s technical expertise around IoT and geotechnical monitoring, Worldsensing offers support to integrate the solution with third party software used to create and manage early warning systems.

Customers and partners can get a head start to evaluate and integrate the solution ahead of its commercial launch in January 2022. For more technical information, join the hands-on webinar on Dec. 14, 2021, https://blog.worldsensing.com/webinar/technical-session-event-detection-solution/

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