$10 Million Approved for Interlake Tunnel


Interlake Tunnel Alignment

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sept. 13 approved Senate Bill 831, which allocates $10 million from the  state’s general fund for the construction of the Interlake Tunnel for the Monterey County Water Resources Agency. The project comprises an 11,000-ft long, 10-ft diameter, gravity-flow tunnel and related structures that would divert water from Lake Nacimiento (Nacimiemto Reservoir) to Lake San Antonio (San Antonio Reservoir).

The benefits of the project include reduced flooding downstream of Lake Nacimiento, and increased surface water supply by diverting water into Lake San Antonio that would otherwise flow out to the ocean. The project would also minimize impacts to hydroelectric production in addition to other environmental benefits.

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The engineering firm EPC Consultants has been hired by the agency to provide Program Manager and Construction Manager services. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2018, according to a presentation on the agency’s website. The estimated construction cost is $76 million, according to a report in the Monterey Herald.


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