CREG Wins Slurry TBM Contract in Shenzhen

CREG will build a 15.8-m slurry TBM, similar to the one pictured, for the Chunfeng Tunnel project in Shenzhen, China.

On Aug. 29, CREG has been awarded a new contract for the supply of a 15.8-m OD slurry TBM. This TBM will be applied for Chunfeng Tunnel project in Shenzhen, China, and it will be the biggest slurry TBM ever made before by CREG.

The Chunfeng project is one the most important municipal projects for the purpose of easing the traffic congestion in the megalopolis. The total tunnel length is more than 5,000 m, in which 3,583 m will be built by TBM. The tunnel will cross beneath Metro Line 9, Jibu River (approximately 50 m wide) and several high-risk buildings. The settlement control will be a big challenge for the new machine.

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TBM characteristics include:

  • Boring diameter: 15,800 mm
  • working pressure: 8 Bar
  • Drive power: 6300 kW (350kW*18)
  • Nominal torque: 51,130 kN∙m
  • torque: 69,027 kN∙m
  • Rotation speed: 0-2.25 rpm
  • Thrust force: 24,630 t
  • advance speed: 50 mm/min

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