Epiroc Adds to SB Tunnel Breaker Lineup

Two new additions to the popular tunnel version of the Epiroc SB breakers are now available. The new lightweight SB 202 Tunnel and the buff SB 552 Tunnel adds versatility on both ends of the range.

The thorough work of perfecting the proven SB breaker concept for underground applications led to the introduction of SB 302 and SB 452 Tunnel version in 2017 with features focused on extended lifetime and overall cost reductions. Both the lighter SB 202, weighing in at 200 kg, and the powerful SB 552, with a service weight of 560 kg, will share the popular and robust qualities of the existing models. This also extends the scope of suitable carriers to 2.5-15 tons, previously 4.5-13 tons.

Among the application-specific modifications are the exchangeable wear plate and the front shield dust cover that extends lifetime by preventing bigger rocks from damaging the body and keeping dust out, especially important when working on overhead areas. The tunnel version is also equipped with integrated nozzles for water spraying, a feature with a positive effect on both health and safety. As the water catches the dust, the line of sight for the operator stays clear and the dust is kept on the ground. Bushing bore wear is kept down with a press-fit bushing locked by an additional pin. Exchangeable restrictors make sure performance is adjusted to the current job requirements, whether it’s traditional scaling or heavier rock breaking.

Among the features carried over from the original SB breaker are the energy recovery system that uses recoil energy from the piston to reduce vibrations and increase performance, the pressure relief valve to protect against overload and the weight, design and durability benefits of the solid body itself.

“We’re pleased to provide all our customers working underground with further options. Their business is our No. 1 priority and with the durability and low operating cost of these breakers we know we can support them even better” concludes Torsten Ahr, Vice President Marketing.

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