Epiroc M-series DTH Hammers

Epiroc, a leading productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries, has designed the COP M-series DTH hammers to be the lightest, fastest, and most durable DTH hammers ever built. Bundling the COP M6, COP M7 and COP M8 with an Epiroc drill rig, ensures maximum drill speed and productivity for every hole diameter.

Since the introduction of the M-series product line in 2019, the COP M6 DTH hammer has proven to be the optimal choice for the SmartROC D65 drill rig — one of the newest additions to the Epiroc premium-class surface crawler rigs for quarrying and construction. Pairing the market leading SmartROC D65 with Epiroc’s COP M6 DTH hammer in LowFlow (LF) mode capitalizes on the higher pressure available for better penetration rates. The M6 hammer is capable of operating at 425 psi (30 bar) while most DTH hammers are designed to operate at 350 psi (25 bar). Matching the M6 hammer’s airflow cylinder to the compressor configuration of the D65, ensures maximum performance and drilling efficiency. The result is powerful drilling for greater productivity and less cost per foot for a drilling operation.

Epiroc’s M-series hammers are designed to adapt to different air pressures and volumes with a simple component exchange. The two-in-one feature makes M-series hammers compatible with a variety of Epiroc or competitive drill rigs operating at most altitudes in nearly any climate. For drills like the Epiroc DM45 or other machines delivering greater cfm but a lower psi compressor package, like a 1070/350 airend, the M6 DTH hammer with the HighFlow (HF) configuration is able to utilize the extra air volume to the maximum extent. The adjustable feature of the M-series hammers gives mixed fleet operators the flexibility to have one hammer that gets the best productivity from any drill rig in the fleet.

The COP M-series DTH hammers come with innovative and patented technology. A unique air cycle, and an all-new bit design translate into increased performance. Epiroc Bits are fitted with harder, tougher carbides to ensure the best quality drilling tools for the most demanding conditions. The COP M-series bits are also designed to meet the demands for high penetration rates and durability. The new range of bits feature a unique, patented, tubeless solid shank that results in higher quality blast holes.

“The SmartROC D65 is the perfect fit for Epiroc’s M-series DTH hammers, making a drilling operation productive while keeping fuel consumption and operating costs to a minimum. The COP M-series hammers help to drill faster with maximum air efficiency for lower fuel consumption and higher productivity than other rigs. That translates to savings in time and cost,” said Delaney Erickson, Epiroc – DTH product manager.

Pairing Epiroc drill rigs and drilling tools ensures increased drilling performance and return on investment. The SmartROC D65 down-the-hole drill rig is built to face the toughest of conditions. Loaded with intelligent features to improve operations, increase safety and boost productivity, this rig is constantly evolving to ensure it delivers increased production and profitability shift-after-shift.

“The D65 drill rig and M6 hammer combination has proven performance in the toughest conditions and various applications around the globe,” said Ron Hankins, Epiroc Business Line Manager – Surface and Exploration Drilling Equipment. “The rig and hammer bundle has been popular with customers looking to improve efficiency and productivity. It has delivered, even at 9,000-feet elevation.”

Epiroc has the experience and expertise to provide a one-stop-shop solution for customers in rock quarries, surface mines and multiple applications all over the world. Customers can count on Epiroc service, support and training that follows every purchase to ensure maximum productivity from their drilling operations.

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