Kenall’s LuxTran LTSI-A1 Tunnel Light Delivers High Lumens in a Compact Size

KenallFrom the Hugh M. Cary Tunnel in Brooklyn, to the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry, Kenall’s LuxTran lighting illuminates tunnels and underpasses across the Unites States. Joining this distinguished family of sealed lights is the new LTSI-AI, an industry-leading, IP-rated, stainless steel fixture that produces high lumens with a small footprint, providing highly desirable flexibility for complicated tunnel lighting layouts.

The LTSI-A1 is a compact 22-in. × 22-in. fixture with five distribution options and can be mounted on either walls or ceilings to provide supplemental lighting in various tunnel zones. It has an IP-66 rating and a range of powerful lumen packages ranging from 11,578 – 40,321 lm.

Michael Maltezos, Kenall’s Transportation Sales Manager, works exclusively on transportation and tunnel lighting projects and is the product manager for the LTSI-A1. “Transportation engineers appreciate the quality of the LuxTran line and specifically requested a fixture that was smaller but still very powerful and efficient,” he said, “and the LTSI-AI is Kenall’s response to that request.”

For additional information on the LTSI-A1 and other tunnel and underpass lighting products, visit the Kenall website.

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