TBM Top 5: The Most Visited Web Pages of 2014

Tunnel Business Magazine 2014 was another momentous year for the tunneling industry in North America. While there may have been some setbacks – the ongoing issues related to the SR 99 tunnel and TBM rescue work – there have been more positive developments – work successfully winding down for MTA in New York and SF PUC in Seattle, and projects gearing up in Los Angeles. Judging from attendance in UCA of SME annual conference, the industry is getting stronger as reflected in the number of individual attendees and exhibiting companies.

Looking back on 2014, we thought it would be interesting to look back on the most visited articles on the TBM website – tunnelingonline.com. Here are the Top 5:

1. Upcoming Projects (https://tunnelingonline.com/upcoming-tunneling-projects/) — By far, the most popular section in our Upcoming Projects feature, which is updated three times per year (April, August, October). This section is devoted to projects that in late planning or design phase and are likely to bid within 1-3 years. We try to limit the projects that are in conceptual or long-term planning stages, but changes to the projects listed do occur.

2. Shaft Design and Construction (https://tunnelingonline.com/shaft-design-and-construction/) – many of the most visited articles – including this one – are technical in nature and therefore referred to often. This article was written by Glenn Boyce of McMillen Jacobs Associates and provides an overview of the types of shafts commonly used for tunnel construction and some discussion of design considerations.

3. Innovations in Precast Concrete Segmental Linings: Case Studies from Around the World (https://tunnelingonline.com/innovations-precast-concrete-segmental-linings-case-studies/) – Another technical article, this one written by Jon Hurt of Arup, checks in at No. 3. This article covers the advancements within segment manufacturing by using specific case histories of projects throughout the world.

4. Worth the Wait (https://tunnelingonline.com/san-francisco-tunnel/) – Our only feature story on the list of most visited stories in 2014 was actually published in late 2013. This article covers the construction of the San Francisco Central Subway, which is extending transit service into Chinatown.

5. Cellular Concrete: Filling the Void (https://tunnelingonline.com/cellular-concrete-filling-the-void/) – Another technical article, this article written by Scott Taylor of Cell-Crete offers an overview of the expanding presence of cellular concrete in the civil market and some of its most common applications.

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