TERRATEC 2nd Open TBM delivered for Mumbai’s Water Tunnel Project

TERRATEC announced the delivery of an Open TBM for the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai’s (MCGM) Amar Mahal I Tunnel Project in Maharashtra, following the successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). The machine is now ready to be shipped to the site where contractor Soma Enterprise Ltd. will complete a water transfer tunnel in Mumbai, India. The first machine delivered last year is already working on the Amar Mahal II Tunnel Project and it is progressing smoothly.

Representatives of MCGM and Soma Enterprise Ltd. witnessed the FAT remotely. “I convey my thanks to TERRATEC for FAT on 17.6.21. Our Client also attended FAT virtual demonstration and conveyed thanks to team TERRATEC.” says Mr. A. K. Bose, Senior General Manager of Soma Enterprise Ltd.

This machine is a 3.2-m diameter Open TBM designed to work efficiently in the geology expected along the project alignment. The project requires the TBM to have a modular design that allows it to be launched and potentially received via shafts (or alternately disassembled inside the tunnel). The robust cutterhead is equipped with 18 heavy-duty back-loading disc cutters. The VFD controlled electric motors enabling the cutter head to rotate at over 10 rpm with optimum torque.

To allow safe tunneling through all the sections of the alignment, the machine has been designed with very efficient ground supporting equipment which includes a fixed probe drilling unit, two rock bolting drills, shotcrete pump and a steel arch erector.

The 3.2-m diameter TERRATEC Open TBM will be deployed by contractor Soma Enterprise Ltd., on the AMT-I tunnel which is one of a number of projects presently being carried out by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to augment and improve its water distribution system in order to meet increased demand and ensure reliable supply.

MCGM has taken up several projects for augmentation of water sources, improvement of the distribution system and management of demand and supply. MCGM has encountered problems with leakages, contamination, encroachments, inaccessibility and several trunk distribution mains in the city are being replaced by constructing tunnels as long-term solutions.

The project will consist of two TBM drives totaling 9,683 m in length between three shafts. A major challenge is to assemble the TBM in a depth of 110 m and the space inside the tail tunnel and the jobsite is extremely tight. The first drive runs from Hedgewar Udyan to Pratiksha Nagar and the second drive runs from Pratiksha Nagar to Parel at an average depth of 80 to 90 m for water transfer.

One of the special features of the TBM is that it has been designed to be disassembled with all components being removed through the completed tunnel. The largest part is the cutterhead and this is designed with a flange that allows the cutterhead to be removed in two pieces.

TBM operation will be assisted at all times by TERRATEC’s highly-experienced Field Service staff, providing quality after-sales support to ensure optimum performance and successful project completion.

In recent years, TERRATEC has emerged as the leading TBM supplier in the Indian market. TERRATEC’s continuous successes on projects such as Phase III of the Delhi Metro, Lucknow Metro, Ahmadabad Metro, Mumbai Metro and Pune Metro have been the results of outstanding tailor-made robust TBM design, prompt onsite assistance, readily available stock of TBM spares and specialized TBM support throughout the tunneling operation.

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