Updated Tunnel Luminaires Deliver Impressive Efficacy and New Programmable Control Option

To balance the demands of traffic safety, budget and environmental concerns, tunnel and underpass lighting must deliver ever-increasing energy efficiency and flexibility. Kenall’s LuxTran LTSI-A1 and LTSI-A2 luminaires have newly improved efficacies, along with an option for a power line local programmable control module (LPCM) that saves both materials and man hours during installation by eliminating the need for dedicated control wiring.

The LTSI-A1, a compact 22-in. by 22-in. stainless steel fixture with five IES distribution options, can be mounted on either walls or ceilings to provide supplemental lighting in various tunnel zones. It has an IP-66 rating and powerful lumen packages ranging from 13,406 – 39,938 lm; achieving up to 155 lumens per watt. The LTSI-A2 is slightly larger (22-in. by 33.5-in.), with the same features, more powerful lumen packages and even greater efficacy — up to an impressive 165 lm/w.

Michael Maltezos, Kenall’s Transportation Sales Manager, works closely with transportation engineers on tunnel lighting projects, in part, to stay in tune with the changing needs of the industry. “Last year we introduced the LTSI series for projects that require smaller, but still very powerful and efficient, fixtures,” he said. “As designers and engineers face new challenges, we need to continually advance our offerings to help them succeed.  The newly improved LTSI series delivers greater efficacies than competitor fixtures, and the power line LPCM reduces installation expense while also saving time.”

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