President’s Awards Presented at DFI Annual Conference

DFIDan Brown, P.E., president of DFI and president of Dan Brown and Associates, presented four President’s Awards at a luncheon during the DFI 42nd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations in New Orleans on Oct. 24-27. Established in 2016, the award is given at the discretion of the DFI president to recognize the efforts and service of DFI members to advance the work of DFI.

This year’s awards were presented to:

• Dr. K.S. Rama Krishna, consultant, DFI trustee and chair of DFI of India, recognized for being the driving force behind the DFI of India regional chapter, organizing annual conferences and quarterly workshops in India, introducing CFA technology to India and creating a permanent DFI of India office.

• Morgan NeSmith, P.E., Berkel and Company Contractors, chair of the DFI Auger Cast-in-Place (ACIP) Pile Committee, recognized for leading active, productive and successful committee workshops and seminars; spearheading specification development; conducting a pile installation, monitoring, testing and extraction program; supporting DFI of India’s CFA initiative; and publishing the 2016 ACIP Piles Manual.

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• Peter Faust, Malcolm Drilling, recognized for leading the North American team for the DFI-EFFC Tremie Concrete project, providing strong support for the Slurry Support Fluids project, and actively participating in developing ACIP Piles seminars and publications.

• Dr. Anne Lemnitzer, P.E., University of California, Irvine, recognized for serving as a DFI Journal co-editor, DFI trustee, DFI Committee Project Fund researcher, manager of the 2017 DFI Young Professor and Student Paper Competitions, IFCEE proceedings editor and the 2018 DFI Annual Conference chair.

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